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Nothing beats in season Artichokes

This recipe is for 6 pieces – simple mathematics will help you adjust to the number of people waiting to try your delicious food. 

Ingredients (6pcs)

1.5 cup Olive Oil
1.5 cup White Wine
2-3tsp Dried Oregano
2-3tsp Chilli Flakes
12 Cloves Garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste

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Super fast and easy weeknight recipe.

Our little secret is that we had only one 100 gm smoked salmon packet on hand. So we chopped that up and used it instead of the required 250 gms. And guess what? The pasta turned out just fine!  

Ingredients (4 ppl)

Penne Rigate 380 g
Smoked salmon 250 g
Chicory 400 g
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh chilli 3 g
White wine 20 g
Garlic 1 clove


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Tuscan Tempranillo?

Our good friend Leonardo Beconcini from Pietro Beconcini Agricola tells the story of how a Spanish grape found it way into old plantings on his property.

I have formulated this hypothesis on the history of this grape variety based on research that is still underway, studies that will soon furnish us with better-documented historical conclusions that we have at present.

In the meantime, though, we continue to try to track backwards in time, as far as 1700 at the moment, but potentially even earlier, when the Via Francigena, which passes right through my wine estate, alongside the very vineyard in question, served as the “highway of the period,” trod daily by a great number of individual travellers, families, and entire communities.


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