Salame al Tartufo 200g

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Salame al Tartufo (Salami with Truffle) has a good and decisive flavour and a decidedly strong smell. The truffle arrives on our tables thanks to the careful search of the " trifulau " dog in the land of our hills. This salami is made with top quality pork. The medium and lean grain mixture is flavoured with spices, aromatic herbs and chopped black truffle flakes, according to our traditional recipe. It is then stuffed into a natural casing and slowly seasoned for about a month, to obtain a product soft to the touch and pleasant on the palate. 

Ingredients: Italian pork, sea salt, tuber aestivum (black truffle) 0.7%, spices, honey, flavours, preservative: potassium nitrate.

Tasty instructions for use : we recommend bringing it to room temperature and slicing it by hand about half an hour before its consumption. Ideal to be enjoyed au naturel, or accompanied by a slice of homemade bread.

The Luiset Story

Luiset salami are produced exclusively with fresh meat coming from pigs in excellent health condition: bred and fattened on their farm situated in Ferrere (Asti). The pigs are raised in remarkable free range conditions with the wellbeing of the animals first and foremost.

All products of the Luiset Agrisalumeria observe these golden golden rules: piedmontese gran suino padano meats only, 100% pork, 100% gluten-free, 100% free from milk and milk products, natural intestine casings. for more information visit