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Fabric Softener 'Oxypur Soft Power Caps'

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Perfumed concentrated fabric softener for both manual and machine washing.

Highly scented. Patented technology using micro capsules: scent released over a long period
With controlled foam and also suitable for delicate fabrics
Optimised for use with Oxipur system products


Add between 1 to 5 ml of product for every kilogram of linen to be washed. Pour the product into the softener reservoir of the washing machine. Or, if hand washing, add to the final soaking tub with clothes.


Fabric Softener for laundry. Italian Plaza Ltd or Sutter cannot be considered liable for any damage due to improper product use.

Please do not throw away the bottle, caps, or dispenser. Return it to us, we recycle everything. Please contact us for the collection of empty bottles.