Beppino Occelli

Hard Cheese with Barolo Wine DOCG

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The base cheese is aged for a minimum of 9 months in Barolo wine cellars, and is a blend of either cow and goat or cow and sheep – depending on which milks are available and best. After the 9 month mark, the wheel is coated in Barolo grape must (the leftover solids from making wine) and then “soaked” for 2 months with Langa Marc, another local wine. This allows the flavors of the wines to permeate the cheese and not only influence the flavor, but the grape must causes a bit of different breakdown of the milk proteins right under the surface and creates a slight cream-layer.


Barolo DOCG wine is the best known red wine from the Piemonte region, and has earned the nickname “the wine of kings.” With a name like that, one wouldn’t find it surprising that you have to go through a fair amount of red tape in order to use Barolo in your product. 


The cheese itself has a nice texture. It’s semi-firm, but also moist and creamy. Bits of tyrosine, a crystalized milk protein, are flecked throughout the paste. It has mild to medium sharpness, and a whole lot of fruity goodness. Simply put: It tastes like wine.  The sweet, fatty characteristic of the cheese provides you with a long finish, punctuated with the wine’s deep, bold fruit.