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Oxipur Stainbuster

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Stain additive for manual and automatic washing of fabrics.

  • Triple action: active oxygen, enzymes, and surfactants.
  • Effective against the toughest stains on whites and colours.
  • Optimised for use with Oxipur system products.

Powdered stain remover for washing fabrics. Effectively removes the toughest stains thanks to its formula with the combined action of active oxygen, enzymes, and surfactants. Active oxygen acts against oxidisable stains (e.g. wine and coffee), enzymes against protein stains (e.g. blood, milk, egg) and starch-based food, and surfactants against greasy stains.

Usage & Dilutions:
Recommended Doses:

MACHINE WASH (5 kg): Add to the usual detergent 50 g of product (normal dirt) or 70 g of product (stubborn dirt).

HAND WASHING: Add 50 g of product in 3 L of warm water (40°C).

PRE-TREATMENT ON SPOT Dissolve 10g of the product in 20ml of warm water (40°C). Pour the solution on the stain and leave it on max 5 min., then rinse and wash.

SOAK: Dissolve 50 g of product in 5L of warm water (40°C), soak the garments and leave them to soak for up to 1 hour (colored) and up to 6 hours (whites), then rinse and wash.