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USDA Prime Angus Strip Loin Whole (approx 6KG)

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Please note that a variance of weight is probable. If the item shipped is more than +/-5% from quoted size we will contact you to adjust the invoice on a per kilo basis.

Price is for an estimated weight of 2.5 KG. per KG price is $398

Natural Black Angus Beef with no Hormones or Antibiotics. Grass fed and grain finished in the mid-west.

Wet Aged up to 28 days for premium flavour and tenderness.

What makes Creekstone Farms superior? Their commitment to Quality! From the cattle and hogs they procure all the way through to their state of the art processing, they are committed to producing the highest quality beef in America!

  • USDA Certification
  • Hand Selected Black Angus Cattle
  • Humane Animal Treatment
  • High Quality Corn-Based Feed
  • State Of The Art Processing
  • USDA Certified Beef Programs